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My name is Imad, and I have 17 years of professional work experience in various IT related positions. Currently working in cybersecurity awareness and consulting. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and music.


I have extensive experience in customer advisory, training, and relationship management. With working knowledge and technical know-how of systems and technologies. Over the years I have worked towards expanding my scope by gaining experience in the field of cybersecurity.

Sr. Information Security Specialist at KAUST

2018 – Present

Messaging Collaboration Specialist at KAUST

2014 – 2018

Sr. Trainer at Phoenix Technologies

2012 – 2013

Customer Advocacy Specialist
at Bank of America

2012 – 2013

Technical Support Expert
at Dell Americas India

2006 – 2008

Technical Support Analyst at GE India

2004 – 2006

"Imad demonstrates superb attitude, skills, and abilities and he is a diligent and truthful person. His interpersonal skills are outstanding, he is very helpful and highly appraised by his leads and managers."

— Ed Sleiman, Head of Information Security at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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